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Alexandria 200-hour RYT, Is an Inspirational Yoga Teacher who received her training in our nation’s capital at Flow Yoga Center. She took her first Yoga class as an elective in college and found it to be very grounding. She is at heart somewhat of a gypsy, flowing through lots of change. Yoga helped her find grounding and peace through out her journey. After years of practicing and working in Miami, NYC and Boston in the corporate world she left everything in 2013 to follow her passion of teaching yoga in hopes to inspire her students to live courageously. 

With each practice, Alexandria wants her students to feel calm and grounded, to give them a practice that creates space for them to heal within, and to connect to their divine self. She uses her voice in hopes of soothing some souls through centering, allowing each student to begin practice more present then when first entering. She stays true to her Vinyassa roots by creating sequences with soulful sounds that range from Otis Redding to Krishna Das. Allowing each student to find a moment of peace and clarity. She encourages her students to flow at their own pace reminding them that this time is for them.

The most important aspect of yoga that Alexandria wants to share with her students is the concept that "The time spent on the mat is about you, not me as a teacher or your beautiful yogi partner next to you, it's about leaving everything outside and trusting something greater brought you to the mat and allowing yourself space to discover that. I hope to share a piece of my soul with my students, soften their hearts a little bit, to give them the space to feel non-judged, allowing them to be their authentic self. Inspiring them to build confidence in trusting that they have everything they need within themselves already"-Alexandria Hall

Alex is also an award winning Yoga Teacher earning 2018 Best Yoga Teacher by Washington City Paper

In addition to Teaching Yoga and Meditation, Alex is also a Reiki Master leading Reiki Trainings and workshops.

For more information, please follow Alexandria's IG Account @bohemianspirithero 

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